Nuevo estudio norteamericano de la obra de Javier Marías

(Professor and Chair of the Department of Hispanic Studies at the University of California, Riverside)
Tamesis, october 2011




Chapiter I: Writing in the Newspapers: Everything under the Sun

Chapiter II: Two Early Novels: Los dominios del lobo and Travesía  del horizonte

Chapiter III: Two Transitional Novels: El siglo and El hombre sentimental

Chapiter IV: On Oxford, Redonda, and the Practice of Reading: Todas las almas and Negra espalda del tiempo

Chapiter V: Two Shakespearean Novels

Chapiter VI: Tu rostro mañana

Chapiter VII: Other Writings

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This book provides the most comprehensive study to date of the full range of Marías’ writing, including discussion and analysis of his literary and intellectual formation, his development as a novelist and short story writer, and his unique perspective offered in nearly twenty-five years of newspaper columns on topics ranging from religion to football. Above all, Marías is examined as a writer of fictions. As a translator of several canonical works from English to Spanish, Marías came to appreciate the preciseness of words as well as their ambiguity, their capacity to represent as well as their propensity to distort. The author examines Marías’s constant awareness of how language can be used to construct stories as the foundation for engaging the world as well as for imagining it. The nature of Marías’s storytelling, and the way in which he imagines, form the principal focus of this Companion.

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